Exosome Therapy

Exosome Therapy is based on the most cutting-edge scientific breakthrough for skin and hair rejuvenation that we have seen in many years. Exosomes work to heal your skin from the inside-out and reverse the signs of aging by healing the damage that our skin goes through as we age. Exosomes also work to stimulate hair follicles and trigger new growth.

How it works

Exosomes are messenger particles that are released by cells in the body. They are responsible for cell-to-cell-communication. They send “information packages” (think of these like envelopes) to other cells and these packages contain important information (proteins, lipids, growth factors, etc.) that is required by damaged cells to heal, rejuvenate and regenerate themselves.

Benefits without downtime

Increase in collagen 
and elastin
production by
up to 891%
hyaluronic acid
by 198%
fine lines, skin texture
and tone
the appearance
of scars and
skin lesions
Treat acne,
psoriasis and
Regenerate and regrow hair
and improve
hair quality
and density

Exosome Therapy Menu

1 treatment - $700

3 treatments - $1500

Facial Therapy

The NEW gold standard in facial rejuvenation. Exosome Facial Therapy is an 11-day protocol that is clinically proven to increase collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. This means that you will notice a significant improvement in skin firmness, fine lines and wrinkles. You will also see an improvement in age related pigment as well as more radiant and even tone and texture. Exosome Facial Therapy can reduce pore size and noticeably improve the appearance of scars and other lesions. We recommend a series of 2-3 treatments to start to see the most optimal results, followed by a yearly maintenance treatment.

Hair Therapy

The most advanced, non-surgical treatment for hair loss in both men and women. This regenerative nanotechnology has 100x more growth factors than traditional PRP and unlike PR serum, the quality of the exosomes isn't affected by a patient's health, blood volume, or age.

Exosomes stimulate the hair follicles stuck in the Telogen phase to enter the Anagen phase. Exosome therapy is a safe and very effective treatment for early to mid stage hair loss caused by (but not limited to), male or female pattern baldness, hormonal hair loss and Alopecia Areata. Most patients will require a minimum of 3 treatments; however, individual results will vary depending on goals and stage of hair loss.

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